Nabil Toumeh: A World Without Justice

Nabil Toumeh: A World Without Justice

تحليل وآراء

الأربعاء، ٢٥ أكتوبر ٢٠٢٣

By Dr. Nabil Toumeh

Member of Parliament

Syrian Arab Republic

The moment humanity reaches control (our address) over its minds, this means that there is neither sacredness nor sanctity, nor morals nor feelings, nor feelings nor peace. Face to face, justice finds itself losing before the forces of tyranny, a weapon against man, and man himself is a weapon, a weapon. For construction and a weapon for destruction, it pronounces justice, rules by it, violates it, and assaults it. The media, which should tell people the happy news, distorts the facts. Instead of love, it spreads hatred, and spreads corruption instead of morality. Religiosity has become an illusion. That is, it is an appearance without faith, and here let me ask about how humans think, and how they come to think about humanity that represents justice and the return to owning its forelocks, because humans in our current time show that we have only learned the culture of foxes and their great heroism with birds and chickens.

A world without justice, a world filled with Euro-American Jewish Zionism, which took it to fragmentation, division, and attacking each other, and the meaning of its being filled with Zionism, which embodies the political thought of the Jewish religion. They want to generalize the division of the world into East, West, North, and South; That is, to follow and be followed, to evil and good, this is first, and secondly, to popularize Jewish Zionism and make it a leader in global thought with the aim of developing Islamic and Christian religious extremism.

A world without justice is filled with vile treachery accompanied by black hatred, not only against the people of Palestine and Gaza and their resistance, but also against all peoples who reject the policies of hegemony, and this is not the product of the hour or yesterday, but rather is a major part of the philosophy of the West, which planted the Israeli and settled it in the land of Palestine. He transformed this philosophy into a cumulative approach that appeared in the Stern and Haganah gangs. The mental approach of annihilating a people and replacing them, and generalizing injustice instead of achieving truth and justice. The more the hatred intensifies and the injustice prevails and multiplies, it seems that the end is drawing near and will befall every oppressor and every aggressor. It is not strange that all Palestinians, especially the residents of Gaza and its resistance, live in danger and the Israelis turn into a group. Of treacherous wolves and herds of bloodthirsty monsters, and it is not new that the American, who declares that he is a Jew in religion and a Zionist in his approach, and with him also the European, have joined these herds to accumulate the approach of treachery and manifestation of hatred, which has appeared since the Balfour Declaration in “1917” and the infiltration of hate gangs into Palestine and occupying the surrounding area. This people, especially Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, and the attempts to subject these countries to their hegemony, succeeded with some, but they did not succeed with the axis of resistance, which failed their approach.

It is not true that time is sufficient to forget, for justice comes, even after a while, and if the general scene is hopeless, then what is coming is fair, no matter how long or short the time is, because it means the moral system, which arises from it and follows it. It is rationality, spiritual laws, and man-made laws, which is fairness, and here I mean by justice. It is not biased when any human being tries another human being, and it is also against injustice, injustice and extremism, and it is for fairness, equality, balance, non-aggression, and human protection of his individual and public interests.

Is there justice between nations, between peoples, and what is the reason for the dilution of justice? Justice also means human rights. How will the Palestinian take his rights from the Israeli? How will the Arab, African, and Asian take their rights from the American and European? Which represent ancient colonialism and modern colonialism, and from the attack on their economy, geography, and governments; That is, an attack on all of humanity, and here democracy and freedom are supposed to join the system of foundations of justice and humanity, but what we are witnessing is the adoption, by those who call themselves democrats and free, of violence, injustice and hatred, and even more than that, extremism with its various approaches, and this is what we have witnessed from During the American and European support, advocates of freedom and democracy, for Jewish-Israeli Zionism and their killing of a people demanding the most basic rights of justice, such as their right to a state in which Palestine is divided between them and the Zionist Jew, nothing more and nothing less, does the Israeli Jew not want to think with reason and logic? Can this be achieved, which has been called for more than seventy years, to lift their hands from Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, and let these peoples live in peace and security? Here we will say that justice has a door that has been opened and everyone will believe in it, and we will continue to repeat that it is a world without justice as long as injustice and injustice occur, not only on our region and on the Palestinians who believe in resistance as a gene that runs in their blood, but it also occurs on the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and the Latin Americans, and please allow Here I may add that accepting multipolarity embodies a way out of the impasse of injustice to the justice that black people in the world seek and struggle to achieve.   

Dr.. Nabil Toumeh