The American Quest…to close the Middle East file

The American Quest…to close the Middle East file

تحليل وآراء

الأربعاء، ٨ نوفمبر ٢٠٢٣

By Dr. Nabil Toumeh
 Member of Parliament/Syrian Arab Republic

Careful and quiet work has been carried out by the US Strategic National Security Office in the United States of America for two decades, as it developed the executive plans that began with President George W. Bush, in addition to those shuttle meetings led by Condoleezza Rice in Amman, Cairo, Baghdad, Riyadh, and Doha, with the aim of creating a Middle East. New, but the real goal they are working on is to devote themselves to Russian and Chinese affairs, and in fact a large and dangerous part of this plan was implemented in nine Arab countries (Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon) under the name of the Arab Spring. The reason for choosing these countries is their scientific, industrial, commercial and military rebellion.

That is, they produced and entered the stages of self-sufficiency and violated the theory of the producer and consumer, so they comprehensively destroyed these countries from within through indirect intervention, and by reviving and manufacturing extremist religious thought and nourishing it with hatred and grudges, not only against the ruling systems that were apparent, but also against the civil systems that were developing. Quickly, they succeeded, to a large extent, in destroying it, and only a little remained for them. The surprise, which no one had expected, was the special Russian military operation in Ukraine, China’s rush to regain Taiwan, the meeting of China and Russia, and the rise of India, Iran, Brazil, and South Africa. Which confuses the New Middle East Project, which aims to hand over the entire Middle East to Israel, and manage it within the American national security program (Marshall Project of the Zionist Mind and the Arab Arm) as well. Within this context, the great surprise occurred on October 7 of this year, 2023, and the explosion of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, the readiness of the resistance axis to support this surprise, and the emergence of massive popular, and timid official Arab and international support for this surprise, which meant to the American that his projects would be defeated, not in the Middle East region but in the entire world.

The American became ferocious and bared his fangs, of course, because he considered his superiority a right that gave him the status of the god of the world, the master of the world, or the sole pole over which no one should dispute him. Therefore, he quickly summoned his fleets that he had gathered in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and the Arabian Gulf, and excluded the discussion on all continents except This region, because his will is to end this file, even if he needs to engage in battles after he summoned the pressure on this region that should not escape his control, and with the American President’s statement that (if there had been no Israel, we would have created Israel) proves what we are talking about. We revolve around it, and also, US Secretary of State Blinken’s talk that he came to the region as a Jew did not come out of nowhere. Rather, it means that the conflict will intensify under a religious name. As for the danger here, the American National Security Center is fully aware that ignoring the Middle East region and antagonizing its countries towards each other will not It succeeds only by creating religious extremism, as we are now hearing about the appearance of the Sufyani, the Awaited Mahdi, and the return of Jesus Christ, and they, that is, (American National Security), are in a state of careful work on this point, and more precisely, they have been creating, for a long time, and are now accelerating this appearance, so for what? Especially since it came under the name of the return of divine justice and victory for the Islamic religion, which brings about the self-destruction of its originally quarreling followers, the result of their division into sects and sects, and also the declaration of war on other religions that encourage them to consider their followers to be infidels, and we have listened to dialogues between extremist Jewish leaders.

And Americans about supporting the acceleration or appearance of the Sufyani, the Mahdi, or Jesus Christ again. Please pay attention to that.US National Security Advisor Kissinger (who is over a hundred years old) pointed out nearly half a century ago that success in the Middle East for America would only be achieved by striking them together. Search the letters and books of Kissinger and Bernard Lewis, “a representative in the US Congress in 1979” (the author of the invitation). The division of the Arab world into 41 Arab countries) and Henry Levy, the godfather of the destruction of the Arab countries within what was called (the Arab Spring). They entered the American and Western European research centers that specialized in matters of control over the Middle East and the world, and the plan to close the Middle East file did not exclude Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Not even Central Asia, because their plan is to divide all these countries and divide them into mini-states, and even return them to the starting point. That is, to camels, livestock, and the culture of conquest and spoils. All of this that I am talking about was accelerated at the moment of the Gaza explosion and the Palestinian and Lebanese Arab resistance, and supporting the naming of the character of the resistance by insisting on giving it the title of “Shiite Islamist” on the Lebanese border, and “radical Sunni Brotherhood Islamist” in Gaza.

And (moderate Sunni Islamist) in the West Bank, and (Houthi Islamist) in Yemen, and this means making all the Arabs appear to be extremist terrorist Islamists, and strengthening their adherence to their sects, not to their faith. It also means ignoring them while waiting for the desired plan to be achieved, and closing this file means devoting time to closing the Russian file in Ukraine and closing the Chinese file in Southeast Asia and the China Sea, and all of this in order to gain world supremacy… Will this be achieved? They are the ones who threaten to assassinate anyone who opposes their project, including leaders, presidents, thinkers, and scholars in Russia, China, and the Middle East. They are planning and implementing all of this, starting from Gaza… Will they succeed?The discussion is relevant, a preliminary reading of American national security thought, the author of the New World Theory…..

Dr. Nabil Toumeh